Mini cement plant project

We undertake cement plants project at an affordable price to all our customers worldwide. All our manufactured cement making machines including vertical shaft kiln and clinker grinding unit are functionally and mechanically superior then the ordinary cement plants. Our mini cement plants are :

VRRK:- Latest Technology in Mini Cement Plant :- Capacity ( 30 TPD TO 300 TPD )

Raw Materials :

Limestone (purity not less than 88% Total Carbonate)

Clay ( Black Soil ) should be buttery

Coke Breeze / Petro Coke

Laterite ( Used if Clay do not have 16% Fe2O3)

Gypsum (Additive used during Clinker Grinding)

Mini cement plant project

Cement is a bonding agent for materials. It is a finely powdered substance, which possesses strong adhesive power when combined with water.

The most common and widely used in construction is the Portland cement. This cement is produced by burning a homogenized mixture of clay and limestone, resulting in intermediate product called clinker. This inturn is mixed with gypsum in a specified proportion, and ground into fine powder to form the final product called Portland cement. This product is very useful in construction and engineering works of housing, buildings, bridges and cement concrete roads. Other applications of cement are for mortar and concrete making. In mortar making cement is mixed with sand and crushed stones of definite proportion and size. In concrete making it is mixed with sand or other fine and coarse aggregates to be used in construction.

Mini cement plant project Demand

The future demand for cement, like many other construction materials is a function of a number of interrelated variables. These variables that are essential in determining the magnitude and trend of demand for cement are:

− The overall economic development level and growth trend of the country,

− The pattern and growth trend of the construction industry,

− Expected technological changes that affect the structure of the construction industry,

− Government policies and regulations that have impact on the future level and trend of construction activities, and

− Size of population and its growth rate.

Mini cement plant project Process

The technology of cement production involves several unit operations, and are complex to enumerate. However, the major unit operations are the following:-- Preparation of raw mix

• Quarrying, crushing and transportation

• Proportioning of the ingredients

• Grinding of raw mix

- Calcinations and storage

• Homogenizing of raw mix

• Burning of raw mix in vertical shaft kiln and storing of clinker

- Production of cement

• Grinding of clinker and gypsum (96/4%)

• Packing of cement

Machinery and Equipment

Most of the machinery required by a cement manufacturing plant are huge and heavy - duty type. This is mainly due to the nature of the mineral inputs used in the production. Normally evacvation, transportation and handling of these solid bulk materials require various types of heavy - duty machinery. Some of these machinery and equipment are grouped under three major sections depending upon unit operations they perform.

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