Coal washing crushing plant

Coal washing plants for the crushing, sizing, washing and drying of coal to enable it to be used in power stations

Products: Modular Coal Preparation Plant (MCPP) comprising of vibratory screening equipment, centrifuge, fine coal slurry separator, magnetic separator, cyclone, heavy medium vessel, etc.

Modular Coal Preparation Plants (MCPP) prepares coal for a cleaner burning process, enhanced calorific value and cleaner emissions. MCPPs consist of several modules including a raw coal preparation (crushing and screening station), a coal feed and washing module (jigging and Heavy Medium cyclone) as well as a dewatering module.

Schenck Process Modular Coal Preparation Plants help each client ensure their process efficiency and maximize profit, based on our deep understanding of your project combined with our proven design and procedure.

Coal washing crushing plant

Coal Crushing Process

No matter the preliminary working of raw coal, or coal dressing process, crushing process is critical. It directly influences the investment in coal marketing and following processing; what’s more, it has direct relationship with economic benefit of coal business. With the further development of market economy and improvement of coal dressing plants & technologies, new requirements for conventional crushing operation is put forward, which can be seen in the next aspects

The need of market

Coal users are strict with size of products, and different users have various requirements for sizes, which are changing along with market. Once the needs are not met, coal will be unmarketable or buyers will refuse to pay for over-limit size, which will directly influence the economic benefit of coal ventures. Meanwhile, at different time, the products of various sizes are diverse. In order to gain maximum profits, ventures must rely on effective crushing process.

Coal deep processing and need of clean coal

In the coal washing and treating process, in order to maximize the individual dissociation of gangue and coal, increase the specific surface area of raw materials, improve coal’s quality (reduce ash content and improve heat value), remove harmful materials in coal, like sulphur, phosphorous, etc., reduce pollution to air during combustion, effective crushing operation to coal must be carried out.

Reduce the over-crushing in crushing process

Over-crushing not only wastes resource, which will influence the economy benefit of coal business, but also increase water in slack coal after separation, which enlarge the pressure on coal slurry system and lower practical production ratio of concentration in gravity separation process. With the rising environmental protection requirements and processing cost of slack coal, it is the key to reduce production of slack coal to minimum the in crushing process.

The need of saving energy

So far, in beneficiation plants, the fee of crushing and grinding process occupies 40% of the all beneficiation fees. Investment cost of crushing and grinding plants occupies about 60% of the whole investments. Though the ratio of operating cost of crushing process and capital outlay in coal dressing plant is lower than concentrating plant’s, the operating cost of raw coal preparation system and capital outlay have an influence on the technology and economy index, which cannot be neglected. As a result, it is significant to improve crushing efficiency and reduce crushing consumption.

Capable in every application

  • 1.We cater to the requirements of various coal categories, including steam, coking and anthracitic coal
  • 2.Have successfully proven and met the requirements of washery capacities ranging from 0.6 million tons/year to 31 million tons/year
  • 3.Great variety of design techniques, meeting the requirements of multiple products, covering all advanced coal preparation techniques, such as coarse coal bath heavy medium separation, heavy medium cyclone fine coal separation, coarse slurry separation and fine slurry flotation, etc.

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