Bentonite grinding equipment How to choose

It is understood that in recent years, rapid development of technology bentonite, organic bentonite is one wherein the organic bentonite is alcohol-based coating formulations of preferred suspending agents. It can swell in ethanol, and to increase the viscosity of the coating has certain thixotropy. It formulated coating infiltrated with sand or small sand core, easy to build coating thickness, and brushing is good, light is better than a lithium-bentonite formulated coating, the coating surface is smooth, less brush marks. Bentonite and deep processing of fly ash are inseparable raymond mill applications, particularly in coatings applications, bentonite and fineness of fly ash have higher requirements. GM Machinery Company can provide customers with high efficiency and high standards of bentonite production solutions, and strictly control the process, in order to perfect the production process to meet the different needs of different customers, the whole production line equipment containing bentonite vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor. Higher demand for some users, the company provides technical support bentonite mill.

Select bentonite mill Raymond mill, Forced mill and ultrafine mill can be selected according to different fineness and yield, specific models, please consult a professional mill manufacturer GM Mining Machinery Co., detailed technical parameters You can log on.

High pressure mill configured as asphalt mixing plant production line

To ensure the quality of asphalt concrete. Production of the appropriate particle size of the slag must be added as filler to use. There is no connection between the existing high pressure mill and asphalt mixing plant equipment, asphalt mixing machine only applied powder addition port , produced by the slag through a high raymond mill flour tube into the bag, the whole transport artificial mouth add add asphalt mixing machine, a waste of time and manpower. DG2000 type asphalt mixing machine provides a spiral for manually adding slag. And is given at the end of the spiral pipe opening, connectivity issues are discussed below high pressure mill with this part. Design 1) Mineral storage device and manufacturing. DG2000 Asphalt pavers theoretical maximum yield 160 tons of asphalt concrete, to be expected due to burrs and other factors that exist in the production process, according to the actual production of 120 tons when considering combining a reasonable level with Angola local raw materials that can be realized, production and use of mines the largest proportion of slag powder AC-13A green concrete required 5%, therefore, the demand for large-scale production of asphalt concrete slag is about 5.72 tons per hour. The high pressure mill capacity of 2-6 tons, if prolonged it at maximum production capacity, excessive heat will cause the electric motor overload protection trip, unable to continue production. To ensure high pressure mill continued production, ore production will inevitably be affected. Therefore, the production of iron ore concentrate must have a storage device. use project stock 3mm steel plate manufactured volume means at least one day be able to meet the production needs of a slag asphalt concrete storage device ʱ?? Thus, in the production of asphalt concrete ore production simultaneously, always ensure that the remaining slag within the device to meet the production needs of asphalt concrete. Considering the lack of space and high pressure mill between asphalt mixing machine, the apparatus for manufacturing a vertical tank shape. Slag tank system for the lower part of the conical lower body portion cylindrical discharge port diameter 40mm, with the lower end of the cone Screw the mating flange back plate, 6mm steel production controllable valve. Ore particle size is very small, long-term storage or during unloading branch only sector which gravity is difficult to exclude from the discharge port, thus pushing body part slag tank installation arch breaker. The device is mainly in the vertebral body opening at the bottom, down three, symmetrical distribution, then asphalt pavers gas conduit extends so far, even into each well, and before access to the installation of pneumatic FRL, maximum The reduction of water vapor. prevent slag moisture caking. Finally, after a triple solenoid valve mounted in the high pressure mill electrical control cabinet installation button, single-person control multiple devices. 2) High Mill the connection pipe and slag powder storage device. Slag pot After the powder tube attached to the side of the high The Standard Operating Theory Of Raymond Mill, because slag powder tank is much higher than the height of the tube, to the installation of a suitable device to slag into the tank. There are two options can be achieved, First, the use of horizontal feeders after the ore collected to a certain extent, the use of disposable pressure drum through a pipe into the tank: two hoist device using continuous slag into the tank. & Nbsp; & nbsp; the flour mill and a high pressure pipeline can not directly reach the entrance to the elevator, the use of thin metal welded directly to the hoist drum inlet connecting tank entry and elevator use of soft leather, and wiping rubber processing. thus ensuring the production of slag can continue to improve to a storage tank.

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