Professional manufacturer of quartz sand production equipment

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Professional manufacturer of quartz sand production equipment

Quartz sand is the starting material of glass. Also for casting metals sand moulds and sand cores are used. Pure quartz sand is indispensable in the ceramic industry and is used for flame-resistant bricks, sanitary, kitchenware and tiles, among others. Quartz sand is made from natural quartz ore. Final products is of multi-prism, multi-prism, spherical, pure white, with high mechanical strength, interception capability, acid resistance is good. It will be processed by crushing, screening, washing and other stages. So a completed quartz sand production line is needed. What kinds of machines do we need?

Working process of quartz sand production line

First, stone aggregate is transported into crushing machine for initial break, then the crushed coarse material is transported into fine crusher by belt conveyor for further crushing, the material after fine crushing will be transported to vibrating screen for screening, the material of meeting the refined size requirements will be carried into the sand washing machine for cleaning, and then to be the finished products; the material does not meet the size requirements will be transported return to the quartz sand making machine through vibrating screen for re-processing, thus form a closed loop. Finished size can be combined and graded according to users’ needs.

Equipments installed in quartz sand production line

There are main two ways to make quartz sand: dry method and wet method

The first is the dry higher purity quartz sand production line. This plant mainly consists of jaw crusher, quartz sand making machine, belt conveyor, and screening equipment. What is the procedure? The procedure flow is that the quartz ore supplies need to pass the jaw crusher one by one particular according to the size. Then the materials are crushed to smaller particles. The stone supplies are crushed by the quartz sand making machine and screened by the screen. The magnet sticks along with the exhaust magnet could be utilized to remove the iron inside the screening approach;

The second may be the wet purity quartz sand production line. The whole sets include jaw crushers, quartz sand making machine as the same as the dry method.

Professional quartz sand production line manufacturer

We are quartz sand production line manufacturer and supplier. Our plant has features of high degree of automation, low running costs, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance, and the production of construction sand meet the national standard, with uniform particle size, good grain shape, and rationale size distribution. If you want more tech data about it, you can contact us through our website. We are happy for servicing you.

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