mica powder making machine

Mica powder making machine

Mica powder making machine is adapted to efficient closed-cycle of compact and medium mining, chemical substances, building components, metallurgy, refractory components, pharmaceuticals, cement and other industries of high fine milling gear, powder processing mill in location of a new milling machine, each technical indicators have reached the sophisticated level, significantly on the industry users. Mica powder making machine adopts advanced structure of equivalent foreign goods, and updates around the basis of large-scale improvements designed by Raymond.

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Mica powder making machine structural attributes

1, Mica powder making machine dimensional structure, modest footprint, comprehensive sets of robust, expect the completed powder self-contained production system independent in the block.

2, refined powder fineness of uniform price of 99 % by way of the sieve, it is actually tough to possess other milling gear.

3, the host mill gear box along with the use of enclosed gear wheels, transmission smooth, dependable operation.

4, Mica powder making machine important components are made of high quality steel, wear-resistant parts are created of high-performance wear-resistant supplies, machine wear, reputable operation.

5, the electrical program is centralized control, nobody can reach the basic milling plant operation, and uncomplicated upkeep.

Mica powder making machine grinding chamber temperature countermeasures

Mica powder making machine grinding chamber inside the case of long-term work, would create a certain temperature, but because of the low speed of Mica powder making machine, plus there are fans of Mica powder making machine powder machine to perform the cooling, Mica powder making machine grinding chamber temperature up around 50 degrees Celsius.

How to solve the issue of higher temperature Mica powder making machine grinding chamber, the temperature of Mica powder making machine made primarily derived from the frictional heat generated in the course of material crushing, winnowing system mainly because Mica powder making machine uses a circulating air technique, so the heat issue is particularly vital within the course from the Mica powder making machine, which can be directly associated with the life and properties with the material becoming processed Mica powder making machine roller assembly (the material has the desired temperature) . The key technique to solve Mica powder making machine temperature is always to use a improved dust removal suggests, which include the use of pulse dust collector, pulse dust collector, superior ventilation, dust compact, automatic cleaning function, can promptly discharge temperature from the mill air, and then inhale air at area temperature, so as to play a lower temperature Mica powder making machine grinding chamber.

Operating principle

Mica powder making machine working principle may be the roller tightly under centrifugal force around the grinding ring rolling, the shovel blade supplies to the Mica powder making machine grinding roller and grinding ring within the middle, the material inside the grinding stress Function broken down into a powder, then under the action with the fan to blow up into a powder material by way of analysis machine, accomplish the essential fineness of the material via the analyzer, who fail to return towards the grinding chamber and grinding continued by analyzing machine supplies in to the cyclone separator collection processor. Exhaust ventilation making use of industrial fabric isolation as soon as into a powder.

Mica powder making machine Upkeep

1. Mica powder making machine use inside the process, there should be a fixed charge of personnel, the operator must have a specific degree of technology. Before installation in the mill operator must carry out the vital technical education to understand the principle with the performance in the mill, familiar guidelines.

2, for the Mica powder making machine normal, should really create equipment "equipment maintenance secure operation from the system" in an effort to make sure long-term protected operation of your mill, at the same time have the needed repair tools and grease as well as the corresponding accessories.

3, Mica powder making machine use for some time, maintenance really should be carried, when roller grinding ring blade overhaul replacement of wearing parts like processing, grinding roller device before and following the use of the connection bolts and nuts should really be meticulously examined to see irrespective of whether You can find loosening, whether to add a little bit grease.

4, roller device in use around the time additional than 500 hours to replace the roller, the roller jacket of your rolling bearings have to be cleaned, damaged parts really should be replaced, fuel pumps and hand tools obtainable grease gun.

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