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PEW Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a crushing equipment appeared earlier, its building is very simple, rugged, trustworthy, easy to sustain and repair and production and construction charges less, so until now continues to be broadly utilised in metallurgy, chemical market, building supplies, electrical energy , transportation and other industrial sectors, for compressive strength in a variety of ores and rocks 147-245MPa coarse, medium, fine.

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In current years, machine to meet the metallurgical, mining, building and also other industrial sectors broken high strength, higher hardness of low carbon ferrochrome needs, especially developed a brand new kind jaw crusher.Jaw crusher is mostly made use of for any selection of ores and bulk components of medium-grained broken, broadly employed in mining, smelting, constructing material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical sector. Maximum compressive strength of your material to be broken for the 320MPa.

1, making use of the world-class manufacturing processes, selection of the most high-end production of supplies.

2. Additional advanced movable jaw assembly to produce it far more durable, movable jaw assembly adopts high-quality cast steel structure, and by two significant steel flywheel drive, moreover to heavy eccentric shaft has also adopted forging billet for processing, All are so jaw crusher with exceptional reliability.

3, employing integrated steel bearing structure, to make sure that precisely match the broken frame, but in addition tremendously improve the radial strength with the bearing seat, and split bearing not have this advantage.

4, making use of finite element evaluation technologies, the crusher includes a larger strength.

5, crushing chamber symmetrical "V" shaped structure, so that the actual feed mouth width and nominal inlet width constant.

Jaw crusher

6, the discharge opening to adjust a lot more quickly and conveniently. Jaw crusher discharge opening is equipped with wedge adjustment device which can be simpler than shimming old-fashioned, secure and quick.

7, the decision of bearing size larger, higher carrying capacity. jaw crusher are equipped using the similar specifications than other crushers higher and much more sturdy eccentric shaft bearings, the higher carrying capacity and powerful labyrinth seal significantly extend the service life of your bearing.

8, the use of tooth shield, growing the efficient length from the jaw, and larger yields.

Jaw crusher run function within a production line applications

Jaw crusher wear fewer components than hammer crusher, hammer crusher high efficiency abrasion resistant steel not simply in material terms seem. When the rotor speed is typical, it is going to drop to hammer face, back and side panels hammer will not be becoming worn. Appear material, even on this side from the wear and tear could be minimal. Meanwhile, the bottom rod mill jaw crusher is also pretty simple to replace.

Jaw crusher can properly cope with the moisture content of your material a big quantity, to stop the clogging of the crusher supplies handled in accordance with excessive moisture, impact crusher feed trough and back could be equipped with heating devices to stop the adhesive material. Bottom jaw crusher with sieve will not need to avert clogging. Jaw crusher hammer plate are fixedly mounted on the rotor, the rotor can take full benefit of the entire energy, crushing rate is comparatively huge, it can be utilised as ore coarse, medium and fine crushing equipment. Jaw crusher within the cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and also other industrial sectors has been extensively employed to fully grasp the functionality parameters with the device, enabling its breakthrough in functionality once more.

Manufacturing precision, improved functionality must be completed grain shape evenly; structural optimization, high crushing efficiency; jaw crusher reliable, significantly less wearing parts, the sector and no one can; hydraulic lubrication integration, jaw crusher Automation gear; a machine, cavity conversion versatile. Just after the jaw crusher feeding, mill-load operation, the operator shall comply with the following provisions:

1. Don't feed, jaw crusher can not be long-term operation, so as not to harm the lining and consumption of steel ball;

2. The operator jaw crusher ought to meticulously regulating and controlling the quantity, the material particle size in addition to a affordable level with grinding bodies, to ensure the yield and excellent from the solution;

3. make certain that all lubrication points often adequate and clean oil, the principle bearing temperature must not exceed 60 ??, water-cooled unit of most important bearings really should make certain that the water provide;

4. Often check the wear liner board mill, jaw crusher liner worn or broken really should be replaced to avoid damage simplified.

Jaw crusher the best way to repair the issue

1. Additionally to all of the operate to repair minor repairs, but also such as the replacement from the thrust plate, lining, inspection and repair Bush. The repair cycle is frequently 1 - 2 years.

2. Smaller repair the key contents include inspection and repair broken jaw adjustment device, high-speed discharge port clearance of liner wear adjustment or replacement. Maintenance of transmission parts, lubrication systems and replacement of lubricants. Tiny repair period is 1-3 months.

3. Also to the overhaul of all repair function, but also consists of the replacement or turning the eccentric shaft as well as the movable jaw mandrel, casting rod head portion babbitt, replace or repair all worn components. Jaw crusher overhaul cycle is usually about 5 years.

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